What is a kidney function test?

Diagnear 19/10/2021 12:52:29 pm
What is a kidney function test?  - Diagnear

What is a kidney function test? 

Various blood tests determine and further analyze a series of criteria to determine the state of your health. A kidney function test is a type of blood test that ensures the health of your kidneys and that they are working optimally. 

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You have two kidneys placed on either side of one's spine. They're located posterior to your abdomen and below your rib cage. Kidneys are supposed to remove excess waste and liquids from our blood, in short, it purifies our blood. Moreover, kidneys regulate water levels and levels of other minerals in one's body. Kidneys are critical for producing hormones that control blood pressure, vitamin D and red blood cells. 

A kidney function test analyses blood and urine and checks how well the kidneys perform and how quickly the wastes are being removed from the body. This is vital information that affects how your body functions. Most people are not aware of their kidneys health and can not notice the early symptoms, so kidney tests are important. 

One may need to get a kidney function test done if they notice that they are urinating a lot more often, have troubled or itchy skin, have trouble sleeping, find blood in the urine, or foamy urine. If kidney diseases are found and treated early, one can stop or reduce the ill effect on the kidneys.  

To test your kidney function, a doctor may suggest several blood tests to determine the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). This determines the rate at which your kidneys are clearing waste from your body. 'What is the normal range of a kidney function test?' The normal range of a kidney function test is a GFR of 60 or higher. This range of a kidney function test denotes a healthy and proper functioning kidney. Whereas a GFR lower than 60 indicates, a kidney function test denotes a kidney infection or disease. And a GFR lower than 15 denotes kidney failure. Therefore, the normal value for the kidney function test (GFR) is above 60. 

Furthermore, ACR (Albumin to Creatinine Ratio) is another test for kidney function in which the level of Albumin is measured. Albumin is a type of protein found in the body. Our bodies need protein. But it should be present in the blood, not in the urine. When Albumin is found in urine, it suggests that your kidneys are not filtering blood properly, leading to a kidney infection or a kidney disease. In ACR, one's blood is also tested for creatinine. Creatinine is a type of waste that comes from the muscle tissues. If the kidneys are damaged, they have trouble removing creatinine from your blood. 

The normal range for this kidney function test is <3mg>30 mg/mmol is considered severely increased. 

Also, certain measures can be taken to treat kidney diseases at home early. Which are explained below:

  • Control blood pressure: A doctor may prescribe medication to control blood pressure if the results suggest that the person is undergoing hypertension. Changes in bodily fluids take place in hypertension and may lead to kidney diseases. 
  • Lifestyle and dietary changes: Dietary and lifestyle changes are a must when undergoing any issues related to one's health. Certain changes in one's eating habits can change how their entire body functions.
  • Control Sugar/ Glucose intake if Diabetic: if a person has diabetes, their doctor might suggest that they see an endocrinologist. This doctor specializes in metabolic diseases and can help ensure that one has the best blood glucose control mechanism possible.