What is PCR testing for COVID?

Diagnear 14/06/2021 04:44:56 pm
What is PCR testing for COVID? - Diagnear

What is PCR testing for COVID?

Covid 19- the virus that took over normal lives. Throughout the year 2019, the deadly virus continues to haunt us in the year that has come. Next, you might have wondered what the possible ways of getting rid of such a virus are? Nothing very specific came into existence until a barrier as vaccination was ever produced but keeping all that for later. The main question was the cause and never-ending symptoms, which made it even more difficult to distinguish between the normal flu and Covid 19 in the initial days. That’s when RT- PCR tests came into existence and helped identify who is infected with the virus and who’s not. 

What is the RT- PCR Test? 

RT-PCR known as Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction. Real-time RT-PCR is a practical test that is used to detect the presence of the Covid 19 virus. It is one of the most suitable and suggested tests. RT-PCR is that one test that people globally have taken to be diagnosed with the virus. 

A positive test conclusion can confirm that your symptoms align with the results and that you are infected with the virus. People with mild illness post getting tested positive for COVID 19 can be recovered staying at home. At the same time, some people would need medical care. 

A negative test conclusion means that you are not infected with the deadly virus. But this necessarily does not mean that you will not be infected or you have not been infected. The timeliness of getting tested matters.

How long can it take for RT-PCR reports to show up?

Once the sample is collected, it usually takes 24 hours but sometimes even more, depending on the number of other samples that need to be worked around. RT- PCR testing needs the samples to be taken to the laboratories, which can consume RT-PCR reports to come up within 24 hours. A delay can be expected in situations like these wherein the travel time and sample reachability of the lab are questionable. 

Can an RT-PCR test be done at home? 

Well, Yes. An RT-PCR test can be done at the comfort of your home, where you feel comfortable and secured at the same time. People can not come down to the labs to get their tests done when they get any symptoms related to COVID 19. They can get an RT-PCR test booked and get themselves checked with precautionary measures completely taken. 

How much does an RT-PCR test cost?

RT-PCR test is more or less done because of its reliable factors that are kept intact. The pricing of the RT-PCR test in India is Rs. 1200/- as of now. The test is conducted to determine and detect the virus within a person. Its accuracy has been a contemplating factor in comparison with all other tests. 

How can Diagnear be of any help to you in getting the RT-PCR test done? 

Diagnear brings diagnostics near you and in your comfort. Diagnear is a healthcare company based out of goa dedicated to bringing diagnostics and healthcare near people of goa. They are conducting several tests, and RT-PCR is the most crucial of them all today in such a time of a pandemic.