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Diagnear is a world class Diagnostic Pathology Lab in Goa, providing blood sample collection from home and same day reporting at your doorstep for the most convenient diagnostic experience. As one of the best lab for blood test in Goa, we have viable yet thorough health checkup offers catered to meet your requirements.  

Diagnostic centres undertake medical diagnosis so that one is aware of their health and can take necessary measures. We, as a well known and deemed as the best pathology lab or diagnostic centre in Goa, provide the best in class diagnostic services to assure the best care for your health and wellness. We are driven by the happiness of our satisfied customers and it motivates us to perform to the best of our abilities and be the best diagnostic lab in the country.  

Diagnear, a Diagnostic centre in Goa, is dedicated to making your health checkup experience a carefree one by ensuring free blood sample collection from home and same day reporting. We have a well equipped team of collection agents to make this possible and reach out to you on time, throughout Goa.   

One can simply avail of our diagnostic services with just a click and have our team reach your doorstep to take free blood sample collection from home for a convenient health checkup experience. We are one of the best pathology labs in Goa, offering customizable health checkup packages that any other diagnostic and pathology labs do not offer.    

Our pathology lab in Goa is well equipped with top of the line machinery and apparatus that is recognised internationally, making us stand out from other pathology labs in Goa. We have a well versed team of pathologists and health experts that are determined to give the best services in a timely manner for our customers to have a hassle free health checkup experience by booking sample collection from home Goa.  

Diagnostic centres traditionally would just meet basic criteria for health checkups, but given the development in the field and our years of experience and extensive knowledge, we, as the best pathology lab in Goa, offer our expertise to your benefit. We have a knowledgeable team of pathologists and health experts that guide you through your health checkup experience and answer to all your queries.

Moreover, we, as the best diagnostic lab in Goa, provide free blood sample collection at home and also same day reporting at your doorstep. We ensure to give timely and accurate reports, without fail. Given the world class equipment and machinery installed at our diagnostic lab in Goa, we guarantee accurate and timely reports.

Furthermore, our team is available at our diagnostic lab number promptly to attend to all of your needs.

Diagnostic Centre And Pathology Labs With Free Blood Sample Collection From Home

Diagnear, the best diagnostic lab in Goa offers the most convenient diagnostic journey to our customers. We provide free blood sample collection from home in Goa. We have an extensive team dedicated towards prompt blood sample collection from home and moreover, same day reporting to your doorstep. We also provide the most hygienic home sample collection service with our fully vaccinated team and sterilized equipment, meeting your safety and sanitation needs. 

Free blood sample collection from home is a prime need. This enables many to be aware of their health from the convenience of their home. Our free blood sample collection from home services encourage people to get their health checkup regularly. 

It is our moral duty to provide our customers with prompt home sample collection services and timely and accurate reports that are delivered the same day, to your doorstep. 

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Rightly it’s said the ones who have experienced it can express it in the best way too. Our customers have shared their usual encounters with us and our team who helps them through the process of home collection in Goa. They have felt the ease with every home sample collection in Goa they have booked.


Nothing is more vital than #CareForSelf with a transparent process of getting a glimpse of your health from within. With a derive of exceptional and meticulously curated packages and tests we bring to you the best insights through our social media handles and not just that but some encouraging deals on health checkup packages in Goa.

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